Sean Higgs AFC South Preview

League: NFL
By: Sean Higgs Published on: 07/27/2014

We will be looking to the AFC South in today's preview.


INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - I will be the first to say I thought these guys overachieved the last 2 seasons with Luck. But I was wrong. It isn't overachieving when you are talented. I think the defense gets by with a little smoke and mirrors, but the offense is legit. Luck is a great leader and the team follows him. Now, they get WR Wayne back and with TY Hilton should be a good combo for Luck. I still think the run game needs some work. But this team is built around the strengths of their QB. The defense needs helps. Thankfully, they play in what I think is the weakest division in football. They face only 4 teams that had winning records last year. Their are some 8-8s in the bunch, but still, that is a favorable schedule.

HOUSTON TEXANS - These guys had 2 wins last year. I had them or Cincy picking off Denver to get to the Super Bowl. Ok, that didn't go as played. The QB play was horrible. I don't expect to see that many picks for 7 again in my lifetime by one quarterback. We know the defense has talent. Clowney and Watt will be something to see on Sundays. This is about the offense and the QB play of Ryan Fitzpatrick. I think he is serviceable. But serviceable might not be enough to get you to the playoffs. WR Andre Johnson is back, albeit another year older. Arian Foster is also back to run the ball.

TENNESSEE TITANS - This is one of my surprise teams this year. I should probably put them ahead of the Texans. I like new HC Ken Whisenhunt. He has a good mix of talent plus a weak schedule on his doorstep. I will be playing the Titans to go over their win total. The OL looks good and should be able to open up some running lanes for Shonn Greene, Dexter McCluster and rookie RB Bishop Sankey. Loved that kid in college. These guys lost 6 games by 8 or less, so were right in the mix. QB Jake Locker must stay healthy and Whisenhunt will have in position to win games.

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS - HC Gus Bradley has a new QB in town with 1st round selection Blake Bortles. I liked him at UCF, so I am interested in seeing what kind of reps he gets coming up. Sitting at 1-9 the could have packed it, but they reeled off 3 straight. That shows me a little heart and that they were buying into their coach. They went offense with their first 3 picks. They are rebuilding for sure, but I can see them matching last years win total.

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