Sean Higgs AFC West Preview

League: NFL
By: Sean Higgs Published on: 07/27/2014

We will wind down our previews of the AFC today. Be sure to check all my AFC Division Previews.

DENVER BRONCOS - What is there to say about this team? Yes, they ran into a defensive buzz-saw in the Super Bowl. From their first snap, you knew it was going to be a long night. No surprise for us there as we were all over Seattle though. We know that barring injury, no team is stopping Manning. The guy has two monster pass catchers in Demaryius and Julius Thomas. Wes Welker just produces numbers. The defense wasn't terrible. They have brought in Ware from Dallas who will be a great pass rusher in that situation. Von Miller is back. Talib is over from the Pats to man the CB position. Good veterans who are still producing.

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS - These guys surprised me last year. I really didn't think they were going to be good. 2nd year man Mike McCoy has this team believing. 10 wins will do that. I wonder what the loss of Whisenhunt to the Titans will mean to the offense. That can make or break playoff aspirations. But in this division, they should be able to win some games.

KC CHIEFS - Last year I had this group as a prime over play and they did not disappoint. With Andy Reid facing his old foes in the NFC East, you knew he would be looking for revenge. And he got it. But I expect a step back with a tougher schedule. They get the NFC West which is a tough draw. This is a major Under play for me in regards to team totals. I think they will have a long, sub .500 year.

OAKLAND RAIDERS - Oakland brings in the Pick 6 champion to QB the offense in Matt Schaub. I like Schaub. I can't see that happening again. HC Dennis Allen in 8-24 entering his 3rd here in Oakland. Not sure he will be around much longer. And you can't blame him for the mismanagement above him. Raiders face the toughest schedule in the league this year with 11 teams with winning records. Now, they did go out and sign some veteran guys. RB MJD, plus WRs James Jones and Greg Little. On defense they added Woodley, Tuck, Carlos Rodgers. Not sure how that will play out. Maybe these vets have something in the tank and the youngsters take a step forward. Rookie LB Mack should be exciting. And QB David Carr will be staring over Schaub's shoulder if he gets INT-itis again.

Be sure to come back as I will be preview the NFC in coming days! -- SEAN HIGGS