Craig Trapp

Craig has been handicapping for 10 years. Over that 10 years he learned how to study games and the lines and developed a winning strategy. He has consistently been producing winners for years now. In 2008 Craig decided to start releasing his plays to the public for everyone to profit. Track his winners and witness why others pay to get his opinion. His expertise is in football, basketball, and baseball. Craig also co-hosts a daily Sports Handicapping Radio show called Picks and Parlays. The radio presence has allowed Craig to meet and interact with the best Handicappers in the world today. Quit looking at betting as a risk and start looking at it as an investment! Give ...

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Craig Trapp All Leagues

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All Time

League Handicapper WLP Units
NFL 2014 - 2015 Craig Trapp 15-17-0 -3170
NFL 2013-2014 Craig Trapp 35-41-4 -9390
NFL 2012-2013 Craig Trapp 38-50-3 -19190
NFL 2011-2012 Craig Trapp 9-10-3 -1760
NCAAF 2014 - 2015 Craig Trapp 24-23-2 +340
NCAAF 2013-2014 Craig Trapp 48-50-0 -6610
NCAAF 2012-2013 Craig Trapp 52-48-1 -370
NCAAF 2011-2012 Craig Trapp 8-14-1 -7140
MLB 2014 Craig Trapp 63-55-1 +3790
MLB 2013 Craig Trapp 49-54-1 -12270
MLB 2012 Craig Trapp 91-89-0 -9300
NBA 2013-2014 NBA Craig Trapp 50-77-4 -33580
NBA 2012-2013 Craig Trapp 70-68-1 -3940
NBA 2011-2012 Craig Trapp 54-78-1 -28650
NCAAB 2013-2014 Craig Trapp 45-40-5 +1490
NCAAB 2012-2013 Craig Trapp 32-33-2 -4230
NCAAB 2011-2012 Craig Trapp 75-79-6 -9170
NHL 2013-2014 NHL Craig Trapp 1-4-1 -3840
NHL 2012-2013 Craig Trapp 4-2-0 +1370
NHL 2011-2012 Craig Trapp 4-8-0 -4210